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A career with Nexus Holidays is extraordinary. We do more than crafting memorable travel experiences for our customers. We are a home to explore potential, leadership, and innovation. Our team is always looking for people with genuine passion of exploring travel and serving others. Your expertise and experiences will be valued and enhanced as we offer exciting rewards and opportunities.

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JOB TITLE: Marketing Specialist
JOB TYPE: Full-time
  • Research current and potential market of the international travel industry to determine market conditions;
  • Collect and obtain effective and useful information in terms of customers body, travel trends, travel destination highlights, travel resources, market benchmark, etc. by using marketing research methods;
  • Collect and gather data on customers’ destination preferences, itinerary preferences, acceptable cost range and etc.;
  • Collect data on competitors’ prices, sales strategies, methods of marketing, etc.;
  • Analyze data using Microsoft Excel, Access, Tableau, and/or SPSS;
  • Prepare research reports, illustrate data graphically, and translate complex findings into written text;
  • Design and formulate strategic plans for increasing market share, building partnership, and developing new services, etc.;
  • Attend staff meetings to provide information and proposals concerning the promotion, distribution, design, and pricing;
  • Monitor marketing campaigns and gauge customers’ reactions to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing, advertising, and communications programs and strategies.
EDUCATIONAL REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor's degree in marketing or a related field.
EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS: 12 months employment experience is required. 
TRAVEL REQUIREMENTS: This position requires limited domestic travel to tourist attractions.
SPECIAL SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE REQUIREMENTS: Familiar with Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Project, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Quickbooks, Tableau Software. Safe driving record required.
JOB SITE: 41-60 Main Street Suite 215, Flushing, NY 11355
SEND RESUME ATTN: HR, NEXUS HOLIDAYS GROUP INC., 41-60 Main Street Suite 215, Flushing, NY 11355  


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